Is Swan Hill Australia's most entrepreneurial town?

Posted: 20th Sep

Did you know Swan Hill has been recognised as the most entrepreneurial town in Australia in an article in The Australian newspaper by demographer Simon Kuestenmacher? Swan Hill has 117 registered businesses per 1,000 residents, well above the Australian average of 92!

To add a layer of data to those ABS figures, since opening in May 2017 Mallee Rising has run hundreds of free and low-cost events and workshops to support entrepreneurs, businesses and community groups in Swan Hill and surrounding towns - including 54 events in the last 52 weeks! We finish 2019 with a whopping 33 one off and recurring events over 12 weeks (see below)!

We've also had more than 30 people walk through our door or contact us since January seeking assistance to start or grow a business! Add to this our mentoring, consulting, pop up shop service to help home-based businesses take the next step towards a high street presence and our policy of welcoming young people, community groups and unemployed people on the NEIS program to use our space for free, we believe we've created a unique "for purpose" business model to deliver profound social and economic impact in regional communities!

We've also been appointed by SuniTAFE to facilitate the STEM 4 Sunraysia two day entrepreneurship event for year 9 students in Mildura next month!

To check out the events that will be held by the team at Mallee Rising next month follow the link below: