National Skills Week 2019

Posted: 29th Aug

The focus this year is on 'Real Skills for Real Careers', and highlights the invaluable role vocational education and training plays in readying young people for their future careers.  The National Skills Week website has all the information you need about what's happening.


Skills Road has some great resources available to help guide your teen on their career journey, including a Careers Advice section where they can research and find information on a wide range of careers, and Industry Videos to get a taste of their dream career!  They also have a fun and interactive Senses Quiz where teens can discover which is their most dominant sense, which could link into some potential career pathways.


Geelong Careers has a great range of resources to help find the ideal career pathway.  We've identified the major growth industries in the Geelong region, and each has it's own page where you can find information about what skills are required to work in those industries, where the jobs are and how much they pay!  You can also watch videos on local industry 'heroes' who are working in those growth industries, giving you an insight into what it's really like.

 Look for more information via the link below: