SuniTAFE is a major provider of vocational education in north-west Victoria, enrolling almost 6,000 students annually. The main campuses are located in Mildura & Swan Hill and Robinvale.

SuniTAFE is a major provider of vocational education in north-west Victoria enrolling almost 6000 students annually and employing 225 EFT academic and support staff. There are two main campuses located at Mildura and Swan Hill and a smaller rural campus in Robinvale, covering the geographic area known as the Loddon Mallee North SuniTAFE also operates a fully functioning 30 hectare training farm in Cardross, near Mildura. SuniTAFE has a large reach – geographically it covers 17% of Victoria’s total area.

The three campuses are located right in the heart of some of the most beautiful regional towns in Victoria surrounded by stunning countryside and waterways. The local area is renowned for growing some of the highest quality food in Australia.

SuniTAFE’s Swan Hill Campus features a large new trades wing, a new nursing lab, an energy efficient demonstration house, a library and cafe. With a focus on heavy automotive & mechanical engineering, SuniTAFE Swan Hilll assists students in making their automotive career dreams a reality. Students have access to state-of-the-art learning technologies and equipment to support their training, ensuring that they are given every opportunity to reach their potential.

SuniTAFE employs 225 EFT academic and support staff in a diverse range of occupations including teachers, librarians, administration support, accountants, marketing, human resource and student wellbeing positions . Our Swan Hill campus consists of 37 EFT and has opportunites mainly in teaching and administration support.

SuniTAFE is a place where all staff are accountable for the work that they do and where excellence is encouraged and innovation is rewarded. We encourage open communication between all of our staff and our management team to ensure that we provide the skills that the region needs to make our community sustainable.

SuniTAFE’s recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to equal opportunity by assessing all potential applicants according to their skills, knowledge, qualifications and industry experiences. Candidates are shortlisted who closely match the key selection criteria and requirements for the position description and are free from bias.


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