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Floorex Manufactures and Supplies Concrete Floor Preparation equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand and exports to other countries including UK, USA, Pacific Islands and South Africa

Concrete Preparation and Polishing is an industry that is highly specialised and Floorex has manufactured and supplied to this industry for many years.

This came out of our focus of preparation for Specialised Coatings to ensure that coatings for concrete would bond to concrete floors and progressed to Polished Concrete and concrete remedial and treatment products.

Floorex today is the only manufacturer in Australia of these Contractor quality machines and supplies to Contractors and Hire Companies large and small. 

Today Floorex supplies throughout Australia and New Zealand with Head Office in Swan Hill Victoria, and offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.

While there are some machines that we source from overseas, much of most of we sell is designed and manufactured right here in Swan Hill.

While these are designed here in Swan Hill, components are made in many different parts of Australia and some comes from overseas, they are built up to the final assembly in our factory at Jennings Road Swan Hill.

Our Sales Team is highly trained, so contractors rely on our experience and technical support to ensure that the equipment they are using is right for the task and they are working at peak performance.

We keep close to our ‘remote’ staff with a Huddle every morning which includes all staff so that everyone in our organisation is aware of latest sales, development of new products and so we all share industry news as it comes to hand.

Floorex directly employs around 16-20 staff beside a similar number that work for separate businesses that manufacture components for Floorex.

These staff work in our Sales, reception, Finance and Marketing, Despatch, and Assembly areas.

The Sales and Marketing staff need to work on phones sales effectively and we encourage them to get out to visit customers face-to-face right around the country from Perth to Sydney, Hobart to Cairns and Darwin from time to time.

Our New Zealand salesman has a full-time job looking after phone sales, and balancing that with face-to-face in the showroom as well as occasionally seeing them out on the job site keeps him very busy.

Floorex prides itself on our rapid despatch and fast delivery to our customers; they have grown to love the fact that Swan Hill can get items by ‘airbag’ overnight to most places and road freight has outstanding connections to most areas of Australia.


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