Little Swans Early Learning

We believe that Early Childhood is a separate and unique stage of life, where development of the child begins at birth.

In our work with children we:

• Provide opportunities to develop, learn, play and have fun in a warm, respectful, caring environment surrounded by those they can trust

• Create opportunities for free creative and dramatic play to develop each child’s ability to think independently and have the confidence to express their own ideas.

• Inspire through playful curiosity to develop interest in music, culture, science, literacy and numeracy.

• Provide extensive use of the natural environment to create authentic experiences, as well as respect, understanding and caring for our environment.

• Develop stimulating, open-ended, unhurried sensory and playful learning opportunities whilst challenging the developing fine and gross motor skills

• Seek to develop curiosity in children, as this creates a mind open to discovering the world around them, building learning confidence within children.

• Intentionally teach and extend children’s understandings of the world around them through discussions and playful experiences.

• Create real world opportunities for learning.

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