Sunrise AG

Sunrise Ag as an entity came into existence in 2002 after Case IH appointed them as the Dealer for Swan Hill to join with their Case IH franchise at Mildura.

The trading name at Mildura ‘Sunraysia Motors’ was no longer suitable as they were now operating outside of the Sunraysia Region and no longer a cars dealer. So Sunrise Ag was born.

Sunrise Ag (Sunraysia Motors) was amongst the first dealers in Australia to be Accredited through Case IH in both parts and service.

With the diversity of the Agricultural products grown in North west Victoria and surrounding areas, Sunrise Ag and Case IH have combined to service the man on the land. Crops as diverse as rice, grapes, wheat, oranges, canola have all been planted, reaped or sprayed using Case IH equipment sold and serviced by Sunrise Ag.

Sunrise Ag has always had the policy of keeping its staff up to date with the latest technological equipment and always enrolling the staff into training schools. In a typical year staff attend a mixture of local and interstate training to make sure they can help the man on the land with his equipment.

With the equipment Sunrise Ag sell and service often being large, all three of Sunrise Ag’s locations are on Heavy-duty routes and readily accessible by trucks. Sunrise Ag has over 80 employees all keen to help the man on the land to the best of their ability. After hours service is offered to their customers.

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